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Pioneer Symposia

Pioneer symposia are consisted of several invited talks on hot issues of physics sub-fields. Each symposium is made in English and extends at least 2 sessions in a meeting. Symposium titles and organizers of focus sessions for upcoming meeting are as follows.

1) KPS-JPS joint symposium: frontier of flavor physics

   14:30-18:18, Thu., April 25, 2019 

   Room: 206


  [Organizers] KWON Yongjoon (Yonsei), PARK Seong Chan (Yonsei), IIJIMA Toru (Nagoya)

  [Invited Speakers]

  • YOSHIDA Hisataka (Osaka University): "COMET experiment"
  • YAMANAKA Takashi (Kyushu University): "Muon g-2/EDM experiment"
  • KATO Yuji (Nagoya University): "Belle II for hadron spectroscopy"
  • ENDO Motoi (KEK): "Theory interplay in flavor and energy frontier"
  • AHN Jungkeun (Korea University): "KOTO experiment"
  • KWON Youngjoon (Yonsei University): "Belle II for rare decays and new physics"
  • LEE Hyun Min (Choong-Ang University): "Theory on B-physics anomalies"


2) Low energy nuclear science for astrophysics

   09:00-10:48, 14:30-16:18, Thu., April 25, 2019

   Room: 101


  [Organizers] CHAE Kyung Yuk (Sungkyunkwan University), HAHN Kevin Insik (Ewha Womans University), KWON Young Kwan (IBS)

  [Invited Speakers]

  • IMAI Nobu (CNS, University of Tokyo, Japan): “Controlling the motions of two kinds of fermions in a nucleus, a new energy degraded RI beam line OEDO”
  • YAMAGUCHI Hidetoshi (CNS, University of Tokyo, Japan): "Experimental nuclear astrophysics with low-energy RI beams"
  • HAHN Insik (Ewha Womans University): “Study of the 19Ne structure from the 15O+alpha experiment”
  • KWON Young-Kwan (IBS): “Low energy nuclear physics experiments at RAON”
  • WADA Michiharu (KEK, Japan): "Towards comprehensive mass measurements with MRTOF mass spectrographs at RIKEN RIBF"
  • MOON Jun Young (IBS): “High precision mass measurement in RAON”


3) Current trends in ambient pressure surface studies

   14:30-18:18, Thu., April 25, 2019

   Room: 106


  [Organizers] PARK Jeong Young (KAIST), MUN Bongjin (GIST)

  [Invited Speakers]

  • TAO Feng (The University of Kansas: US): Application of near ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to catalysis studies
  • EREN Baran (Weizmann Institute of Science: Israel): Atomic Structure of Copper Surfaces in the Presence of CO, CO2 and Methanol Gases
  • KONDOH Hiroshi (Keio University, Japan): In-Situ Observation of Catalytic Surface Reactions with Soft X-Ray Core-Level Spectroscopies
  • FU Qiang (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, China): Operando surface science study in energy and catalysis processes under two-dimensional materials
  • AN Kwangjin (UNIST): Noble Vanadium Core-Shell Catalysts for Methane Oxidation to Formaldehyde
  • KIM Ki-jeong (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory): 8A2 KBSI-PAL AP-XPS Beamline for in-situ and Operando Science
  • KIM Jeongjin (IBS): Confined-interfacial nanostructure formation on the Pt3Ni(111) surface at near-ambient pressure
  • CHOI Joong Il Jake (IBS): Atomic scale view of degradation and surface inhomogeneity of single crystal MAPbBr3


4) Superconductivity and Mott Insulating phases in van der Waals superlattices

   14:30-16:18, Thu., April 25, 2019 /11:00-12:48, Fri. April 26, 2019

   Room: 301


  [Organizers] JUNG Jeil (University of Seoul), CHUNG Sukbum (University of Seoul), CHANG Young Jun (University of Seoul)

  [Invited Speakers]

  • EFETOV Dmitry (ICFO, Spain): “Cascade of Superconducting domes and magnetism in ultraclean twisted bilayer graphene”
  • PASUPATHY Abhay (Columbia University, USA): "STM spectroscopy of magic angle twisted bilayer graphene"
  • HONERKAMP Carsten (RWTH Aachen University, Germany): “fRG for twisted honeycomb lattices: low-energy model and beyond”
  • KOSHINO Mikito (Osaka University, Japan): "Electronic theory of twisted bilayer graphene"
  • DAS Tanmoy (Indian Institute of Science, India): "Wannier pairs in the flat-land"
  • JUNG Suyong (KRISS): “2D Materials tunneling spectroscopy”
  • KIM Keun Su (Yonsei University): “Holstein polaron in the vicinity of superconducting phases in MoS2
  • CHOI Hyoung Joon (Yonsei University): “Atomistic study of electron-hole asymmetry and electron-phonon interaction in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene”


5) Frontiers in solid-state qubits

   14:00-17:48, Wed., April 24, 2019

   Room: 106


  [Organizers] CHOI Mahn-Soo (Korea University), LEE Donghun (Korea University)

  [Invited Speakers: Session B]

  • DOHERTY Marcus (Australian National University, Australia): "New understanding and engineering of defect qubits in diamond"
  • CHOI Soonwon (UC Berkeley, USA): "Discrete time-crystalline order in black diamond: realization and probe of quantum many-body dynamics"
  • HEINRICH Andreas (IBS QNS, Ewha Womnans Univ.): "Quantum Nanoscience : Atoms on Surfaces"

  [Invited Speakers: Session C]

  • ZHOU Brian (Boston College, USA): "Using Optical Pulses for Quantum Control and Sensing"
  • KIM Chulki (KIST): "Nanoscale magnetic resonance detection towards nano MRI"
  • YANG Sen (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China): "Towards measurement induced quantum state engineering"D
  • Donghun Lee (Korea Univ.): "Quantum control of a single-spin quantum emitter in diamond via coupling with a mechanical oscillator"


6) The 5th Korea-Japan joint symposium on organic electronics: recent advances on organic semiconductor materials and devices

   13:30-18:18, Thu. April 25, 2019

   Room: 201


  [Organizers] LEE Takhee (Seoul National University), LEE Tae-Woo (Seoul National University), LIM Eunju (Dankook University), YI Yeonjin (Yonsei University)

  [Invited Speakers]

  • NAKAMURA Masakazu (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan): “Control of charge and heat transports by organic molecules for energy harvesting applications”
  • MATSUSHIMA Toshinori (Kyushu University, Japan): “High performance from optoelectronic devices based on metal halide hybrid perovskites”
  • TERO Ryugo (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan): “Resonance energy transfer from fluorescence probes to graphene oxide for the study of artificial cell membrane systems”
  • ISHII Hisao (Chiba University. Japan): “Negative Carrier State of Organic Semiconductors Investigated by Operando- Photoelectron Yield Spectroscopy”
  • LEE Jang-Sik (POSTECH): “Artificial Synapses with Short- and Long-Term Memory for Spiking Neural Networks based on Biopolymer Electrolytes”
  • YI Yeonjin (Yonsei University): “Electronic structure analysis at the interface of organic material”
  • LIM Kyung-Geun (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science): “Energy level alignment of decoupled dipolar interface layers in organic solar cells and organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells”
  • LEE Jaesang (Seoul National University): “Lifetime and Efficiency of Blue Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diodes”


7) Korea-Vietnam collaboration on the semiconductor physics

   14:00-17:48, Wed. April 24, 2019

   Room: 102


  [Organizers] KIM Yongmin (Dankook University), CHO Yong-Hoon (KAIST), KIM Yong Soo (University of Ulsan)

  [Invited Speakers]

  • KIM Heedae(Northeast Normal University, China): "Optical coupling procedures and asymmetric states in a single coupled quantum dot"
  • LE Trong Lu(Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam): "Magnetic and Hybrid Nanostructures for Biomedicine: Synthesis, Colloidal Stability and Photo/Magnetic Heating"
  • LAM Vu Dinh(Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam): "Metamaterials as next generation materials for applications in electromagnetic-wave absorber and bio-sensor"
  • HONG Phan Ngoc(Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam): "Synthesis of graphene nanocomposites by plasma-enhanced electrochemical exfoliation method for energy storage application"
  • NGUYEN Khang Cao(Hanoi National University of Education, Vietnam): "Photocatalytic application of TiO2"
  • NGUYEN Hue Minh Thi(Hanoi National University of Education, Vietnam): "Theoretical Approach to Understanding of Chemical Reactions"
  • RYU Sang Wan(Chonnam National University): "Stable and enhanced performance of flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators made of GaN based core-shell nanowires"
  • JANG Joon Ik(Sogang University): "Anomalous optical properties of halide perovskites as probed by wavelength-dependent nonlinear optical spectroscopy"
  • LE Chinh Tam(University of Ulsan): "Nonlinear Optical Properties of Two Dimensional Transition Metal Dichacolgenides"


8) Gravitational-wave waveform modeling and signal detection

   14:30-18:18, Thu. April 25, 2019

   Room: 209


  [Organizers] KANG Gungwon (KISTI), KIM Chunglee (Ewha Womans University), LEE Hyung Won (Inje University), OH SangHoon (NIMS), JUNG Sunghoon (Seoul National University)

  [Invited Speakers:session F]GW signal detection

  • LEE Hyung Won (Inje University): "Introduction of GW astrophysics and waveform modeling"
  • CANNON Kipp (University of Tokyo, Japan): "The unlikely dawn of joint gravitational-wave and electromagnetic astronomy"
  • KIM Chunglee (Ewha Womans University); "How to identify the signal sources detected via GWs?"

  [Invited Speakers:session G] GW waveform modeling

  • BUONANNO Alessandra (MPI Potsdam-Golm, Germany): "The need for high-precision gravitational waveforms"
  • KAWAGUCHI Kyohei (University of Tokyo, Japan): "Gravitational waveform and electromagnetic counterparts modeling for binary neutron star mergers"
  • CHO Hee-Suk (Pusan National University): "Systematic errors due to inaccurate GW waveform modeling"