The Temperature Dependence of the Quantum Transition Properties of the Quasi-two-dimensional System in Quasi-two-dimensional Semiconductors

Lee Su Ho, S. Y. Kwon, J. G. Kim, Choi Jun Yong and Sug Joung Young

J. Korean Phys.Soc. 57,1015 [doi: 10.3938/jkps.57.1015 | PDF Download]

?셞 investigated theoretically the temperature dependence of the quantum optical transition of qusi 2-Dimensional Landau splitting system, in GaN and GaAs.. We apply the Quantum Transport theory (QTR) to the system in the confinement of electrons by square well confinement potential. We use the projected Liouville equation method with Equilibrium Average Projection Scheme (EAPS). Through the analysis of this work , we found the increasing properties of QTLW and QTLS of GaN and GaAs with the temperature fields. we also found that QTLW,??칏 GaN < ?칏 GaAs in the high temperature region 50K