Micromagnetic Analysis of Magnetic Noise in Ferromagnetic Nanowires

Jungbum Yoon, Chun-Yeol You, Younghun Jo, Seung-Young Park and Myung-hwa Jung

J. Korean Phys.Soc. 57,1594 [doi: 10.3938/jkps.57.1594 | PDF Download]

쟙e investigate the magnetic thermal noise in magnetic nanowires with and without a domain wall by employing micromagnetic simulations. The magnetic thermal noise due to random thermal fluctuation fields gives important physical quantities related with the magnetic susceptibility. We find that the resonance frequency of a domain wall is distinguishable from one of a magnetic domain itself. For the single domain without a domain wall, the resonance frequency is well described by the Kittel뭩 formula considering a ferromagnetic specimen as a simple ellipsoid with demagnetizing factors for various wire widths and thicknesses. However, additional resonance frequencies from the magnetic domain wall show the different dependences of the wire width and thickness. It implies that the spins inside the domain wall have different effective fields and the spin dynamics.