Focus Sessions

2024 KPS Fall Meeting   October 22-25, 2024   Yeosu Expo Convention Center

Focus sessions are comprised of several invited talks on emerging or hot issues of physics sub-fields. Session titles and organizers of focus sessions for upcoming meeting are as follows.


Sterile Neutrino Search - KANG Sin Kyu (Seoul National University of Science and Technology), JOO Kyung Kwang (Chonnam National University)

Early Experiments at RAON - HONG Seung-Woo (SKKU), KWON Young-Kwan (IBS RISP), HONG Byungsik (Korea University), Kweon Min Jung (Inha University), CHEOUN Myung-ki (Soongsil University)

Physics in Multi-extreme Conditions: High-pressure and Non-equilibrium - KIM Duck Young (HPSTAR), LEE Geun Woo (KRISS)

Current Research by Early Career Scientists in First-principles Electronic Structure Calculations - LEE Jaekwang (Pusan National University), MIN Hongki (Seoul National University)

Quantum Magnets and Topological Magnons: Inelastic Neutron Scattering - CHUNG Jae-Ho (Korea University), CHOI Kwang-Yong (Sungkyunkwan University)

Nano/Mesoscopic system: Quantum Coherence in Condensed Matter - SIM Heung-Sun (KAIST)

Superconducting Nickelates and Hund’s Physics - LEE Kwan-Woo (Korea University, Sejong)

Novel Complex Oxides with Unusual Couplings - LEE Daesu (POSTECH), YANG Chan-Ho (KAIST)

Spintronics in Quantum Materials - LEE Hyun-Woo (POSTECH), KIM Jun Sung (POSTECH)

Synchrotron X-ray Studies for Advanced Electronic Materials and Quantum Mechanical Properties - CHANG Young Jun (University of Seoul), LEE Dong Ryeol (Soongsil University), CHOI Jun Woo (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)

Emergent Quantum Materials - OK Jong Mok, JEEN Hyoungjeen, HWANG Choongyu (Pusan National University), GO Ara (Chonnam National University), KANG Chang-Jong (Chungnam National University)

Ultimate X-ray Science with Synchrotron and Free-Electron Laser - MUN Bongjin (GIST), KANG Hyuncheol (Chosun University), SONG Changyong (POSTECH)

Large-scale Synthesis & Hetero-integration of 2D Materials - LEE Chul-Ho (Korea University), KIM Kwanpyo (Yonsei University), LEE Jae-Ung (Ajou University)

2D Van der Waals Interface Properties and Transport - KIM Young Duck (Kyung Hee University), LEE Swangwook (Ewha Woman University)

Quantum Information Processing Based on Atomic-scale Platforms - CHOI Taeyoung (Ewha Womans University), LEE Gil-Ho (POSTECH)

Quantum and Energy Materials Based on Berry Curvature - CHOI Jun Woo (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, KIST), CHANG Seo Hyoung (Chung-Ang University)

Novel Spintronic Devices and Magnetic Systems - LEE Kyung-Jin (KAIST), JE Soong-Geun (Chonnam National University)

Organic/inorganic Semiconductor Electronics Structure and Their Device - KANG Seong Jun (Kyung Hee University), SEO Jung Hwa (Dong-A University), LEE Hyunbok (Kangwon National University)

Light-matter Interaction in Two-dimensional Materials - JANG Joon Ik (Sogang University)

The Present and Future of Computational Materials Research at National Laboratories - KIM Yong-Hoon (KAIST), BANG Junhyeok (Chungbuk National University)

Defect in photovoltaic materials - KIM Gee Yeong (KIST), YANG Jungyup (Kusan University) and HONG Young Joon (Sejong University)

2022 Revised Curriculum of Physics Education and Its Direction - LEE Gyoungho (Seoul National University)

Critical Analysis on Current Status of Physics Education Subject at the College of Education and Finding Ways to Improve - LEE Gyoungho (Seoul National University)

Beam Diagnostics in Particle Accelerators - CHUNG Moses (UNIST)

Symposium for the Basic Fusion R&D Program - Hwang Yong-Seok (Seoul National University)

Review of Basic Plasma Studies - KIM Gon-Ho (Seoul National University), LEE Hae June (Pusan National University), YU Sin Jae (Chungnam National University), CHOI Sooseok (Jeju National University)

Nanoscale Light Emitters: Physics and Devices - Ryu Sang-Wan (Chonnam National University)

Electronic Structure Calculation for Exploring Semiconductor Materials - LEE Seung Mi (KRISS)

Recent Progress of Infrared Photo Detectors - KIM Jong Su (Yeungnam University)

Energy Harvesting/conversion/storage Materials and Device Applications - YU Jae Su (Kyung Hee University)

Polariton and non-Hermitian photonics - CHO Chang-Hee (DGIST), CHO Yong-Hoon (KAIST)

Optical spectroscopy of low-dimensional materials - YU Young-Jun (Chungnam National University)

Novel Field Effect Transistors based on van der Waals Materials - CHO Sungjae (KAIST)

Understanding Spacetime with Cosmology - SCOPEL Stefano (Sogang University), LEE Bum-Hoon (Sogang University), LEE Wonwoo (CQUeST/Sogang University)

Nucleic Acid-based Biosensing - KIM Byoung Choul (Incheon National University)

Optical Methods to Study Biophysical Systems - SHON Min Ju (POSTECH)

Cryo-EM: Principles and Applications - CHO Won-Ki (KAIST)

Quantum Technology and Application - PARK Seungnam (KRISS), CHOI Jae-Hyuk (KRISS), KIM Jaeyoung (IBS), SONG Jindong (KIST)