Focus Sessions

2024 KPS Fall Meeting   October 22-25, 2024   Yeosu Expo Convention Center

Focus sessions are comprised of several invited talks on emerging or hot issues of physics sub-fields. Session titles and organizers of focus sessions for upcoming meeting are as follows. E represents an ‘English session’ where all authors present in English.


E Recent progress on Physics of Dark Matter and Baryogenesis - Sanghui Im, Sanghyeon Chang (Institute for Basic Science, CTPU)

Superconducting Quantum Devices - Yong-Joo Doh (GIST), Heung-Sun Sim (KAIST)

Ultrafast science in emerging materials properties - Changyong SONG (POSTECH), In Tae Eom (PAL-XFEL)

Electronic structure, interaction and phase transitions in Kagome metals - Myung Joon Han (KAIST), SungBin Lee (KAIST)

Materials design for novel correlated properties and functionalities - Hyungwoo Lee (Ajou Univ.), Chan-Ho Yang (KAIST)

Superconductivity in transition metal compounds - Jo Younjung (Kyungpook National University), LEE Kwan-Woo (Korea Univ., Sejong)

Quasiparticles in correlated topological materials - CHOI Woo Seok (SKKU), OK Jong Mok (PNU)

Engineering of 2D materials’ optoelectronic properties - LEE Chul-Ho (Korea Univ.), KIM Kwanpyo (Yonsei Univ.), LEE Jae-Ung (Ajou Univ.)

Straintronics in graphene - Nojoon Myoung (Chosun Univ.), Young Duck Kim (Kyung Hee Univ.)

Magnonics toward Quantum - LEE Kyung-Jin (KAIST), JE Soong-Geun (Chonnam Nat’l Univ.)

Topological phenomena in magnetization dynamics - Sug-Bong Choe (Seoul Nat’l Univ.), Maeng-Je Seong (Chung-Ang Univ.)

Recent Advances of Functional Electromechanical Materials - KIM Tae Heon (University of Ulsan), Yang Chan-Ho (KAIST)

Organic Material Properties and Device Application - Yeonjin Yi(Yonsei University), Takhee Lee(Seoul National University), Tae-Woo Lee(Seoul National University), Eunju Lim(Dankook University)

Optical nanodevices and integration - No You-Shin, JANG Joon Ik

Computational study of ferroelectricity and ferromagnetism for device applications - KIM Yong-Hoon (KAIST), BANG Junhyeok (Chungbuk National University)

Improvement of Physics Subject Content for Educating ‘Good’ Teacher in the Era of Physics Education Crisis - LEE Gyoungho (Seoul National University)

2022 Revision Curriculum Progress and Tasks-Focusing on Continuity and Hierachy of Physics Curriculum - LEE Gyoungho (Seoul National University)

Toward next-generation accelerators: R&Ds and Applications - Sung-Hee Park (Korea University)

Biomaterial-based optical and electrical devices and its interface with cells - KIM Sunghwan (Ajou Univ.), PARK Ji-Yong (Ajou Univ.)

Optics and Photonics for quantum information - Kwang-Geol Lee (Hanyang Univ.)

Symposium for an AKPA-OYRA winner - AHN Jaewook (KAIST.), ZHAO Bum Suk (UNIST)

Nanoscale interface engineering of Low-dimensional materials for performance enhancements - Young-Jun Yu (CNU)

Next-generation optoelectronic materials and device application research - Jae Su Yu (Kyung Hee University)

Perovskite Materials and Optoelectronics Applications - Chang-Lyoul Lee (APRI, GIST), Mee-Yi Ryu (Kangwon National University)

Triboelectric materials and systems - CHUNG, Kwun-Bum (Dongguk University)

Novel materials and energy applications - Mun Seok Jeong (Hanyang Univ.)

Solid-state quantum information technologies - SONG Jin Dong (KIST)

E Black Hole Physics - Bogeun Gwak (Dongguk University), Chunglee Kim (Ewha Womans University), Kyung Ha Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)

Frontiers in Biophysics - Kim Chae Un (UNIST)

Frontiers in Computational Biophysics - Jejoong Yoo (Sungkyunkwan University)

The future of genome editing: Emerging technologies and applications - Lee, Sanghwa (GIST)

Low-carbon energy alternatives - PARK Seungnam (KRISS), CHOI Jae-hyuk (KRISS), KIM Jaeyoung(IBS)