Registration Guideline

2024 KPS Fall Meeting   October 22-25, 2024   Yeosu Expo Convention Center

Abstract submission window: February 3 (Thu) ~ March 8 (Tue) by 6:00 PM, 2022


Registration period: February 3 (Thu) ~ April 22 (Fri) by 5:00 PM, 2022


Online registration method: Select a payment method (credit card, bank transfer, giro) in the menu ‘Payment and Confirmation’ during online registration.

• Online registration will be completed by paying the registration fee within the registration period.

• Although online registration is strongly recommended, you can send payment information to the Korean Physical Society ( for manual payment (click here for Information for Manual Payment).

• Please note that manual payment must be sent by 12:00 PM on the registration deadline (April 22, 2022).

• If you would like to issue a bill, please send your business registration certificate along with the itemization, payment amount, and your email address to the Korean Physical Society (


Registration Cancellation and Refund Policy

To cancel your registration order, you must notify the Korean Physical Society in writing of your request form for a refund. The timing of your request is important in determining refund amounts. A full refund would be provided if the refund request were received by 11:00 PM on April 14 (Thu), 2022. However, no refund would be provided if the request were received after this deadline.


Registration fee for the 2022 KPS Spring Meeting

  Annual membership
Student member 20,000 70,000
Regular member 70,000 150,000
Fellowship member 120,000 150,000
Non-member (general)   320,000
Non-member (student)   150,000
Non-member (invited speaker)   170,000


• The admission fee for membership is 10,000 KRW.

• Retired members are exempt from the registration fee.

• KPS members are allowed to register for this meeting after renewal of KPS membership.

• Teacher members are exempt from both annual membership fees and registration fees.

• Student members are supposed to pay the registration fee only, which automatically renders the exemption of the annual membership fee.

• If you have any problem in registration, please contact the Korean Physical Society (