Focus Sessions

2024 KPS Spring Meeting   April 23-26, 2024   Daejeon Convention Center

Focus sessions are comprised of several invited talks on emerging or hot issues of physics sub-fields. Session titles and organizers of focus sessions for upcoming meeting are as follows.


1) Atomic scale imaging and spectroscopy - KIM Kwanpyo (Yonsei University), CHO Doohee (Yonsei University)


2) Low-dimensional quantum matter - KIM Keun Su (Yonsei University)


3) Nano/Mesoscopic system, Graphene and Topological Materials- KIM Jun Sung (POSTECH)


4) Nano/Mesoscopic system: Quantum Coherence in Condensed Matter- SIM Heung-Sun (KAIST)


5) Quantum phenomena in low dimensional oxides- CHOI Woo Seok (Sungkyunkwan University), Ji Young Jo (GIST)


6) Ferroic Materials Imaging- YANG Chan-Ho (KAIST)


7) Fundamentals and applications of the study on perovskites structures- : KIM Taekyeong (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), YI Yeonjin (Yonsei University), JO William (Ewha Womans University)


8) Applications of Quantum Information Devices- DOH Yong-Joo (GIST)


9) Ferroelectricity in doped-HfO2 thin films- YANG Sang Mo(Sogang University), CHAE Seung Chul(Seoul National University)


10) Emerging Neuromorphic Materials and Devices- LEE Chul-Ho (Korea University)


11) Organic Material Properties and Device Application- YI Yeonjin (Yonsei University), LEE Takhee (Seoul National University), LEE Tae-Woo (Seoul National University), LIM Eunju (Dankook University)


12) Recent Developments of Biosensor Technology- HONG Seok-Cheol (Korea University), KIM Byoung Choul (Incheon University)


13) New direction of physics education - OH Won Kun (Chungbuk National University)


14) Present of physics education in secondary school - OH Won Kun (Chungbuk National University)


15) Wormholes and Gravitation- GWAK Bogeun (Dongguk University), KIM Chunglee (Ewha Womans University)


16) Emerging Techniques in Biological Physics- KIM Seung Joong (KAIST Physics / Biological Sciences)


17) Cell is a test-tube: Cell physics- LEE Nam Ki (Seoul National University)