Poster Sessions

2024 KPS Spring Meeting

Wednesday-Friday, November 4-6, 2020; Virtual Conference
Session P1-ap.4: Organic electronics and photonics
1:00 PM-1:50 PM, Thursday, November 05, 2020
Abstract: P1-ap.410* : Antisolvent-mixed perovskite precursor for high-performance perovskite solar cells  
Liu Xuewen
(, Gachon University)

LIU Xuewen 1, XU Chongyang 1, LEE Eun-Cheol *1
(1Gachon University)
In this work, we develop a method to enhance photovoltaic performance of perovskite film by directly mixing an anti-solvent, chlorobenzene, into the perovskite precursor. Using precursor with 30% chlorobenze, the power conversion efficiency of the champion device is improved from 15.24 to 18.48% because of a thicker perovskite film with enlarged grain size. In addition, the chlorobenzene-used device shows much less degradation in normalized power conversion efficiency after 120 h strorage in ambient air without encapsulation. Because we obtain thicker perovskite film by adding anti-solvent in precursor solvent, less material is wasted, benefiting the commercialization of the perovskite devices.

Perovskite solar cell, anti-solvent, chlorobenzene