Bilateral Exchange Sessions

2024 KPS Fall Meeting   October 22-25, 2024   Yeosu Expo Convention Center

"Bilateral Exchange Sessions" aim to share research results and promote international cooperation through exchanges between two countries (Korea and one other country). Session titles and organizers of bilateral exchange sessions for upcoming meeting are as follows. E represents an ‘English session’ where all authors present in English.

1) E [Nuclear Physics] The KPS-JPS Joint Symposium on EIC (Electron-Ion Collider) Physics

   Time: October 26 (Thursday) 14:00 - 17:36 / Room: 607  


  [Organizers] MOON Jun young(IBS/IRIS), NAM Seung-il (Pukyong Nat. Univ.), KIM Yongsun (Sejong Univ.)

  [Invited Speakers]

  • CHUJO Tatsuya (University of Tsukuba, Japan): “EIC and LHC forward physics; complementary and similarity on QCD study”
  • KIM Sangho (Soongsil University): “Exclusive electroproduction of vector mesons with a Regge model”
  • YOSHIDA Shinsuke (South China Normal Univ., Japan): “Perturbative QCD approach to the nucleon structure at EIC”
  • SHIM Sang-In (Korea University): “Electroproduction of phi meson at EIC”
  • LIM Sanghoon (Pusan Nat. University): “Imaginig Calorimeter for the Electron-Ion Collider”
  • GOTO Yuji (RIKEN, Japan): “Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) and the ePIC experiment”
  • TANAKA Kazuhiro (Juntendo University, Japan): “QCD relations for gravitational form factors”
  • KWON Young II (Yonsei University): “Exclusive electroproduction of J/psi off nuclei and the electron endcap tracker”


As an annual collaborative meeting with JPS DNP, this symposiums is held to facilitate the exchange of achievements and activities of the currently hot topics. This year, we focus on the EIC (Electron-Ion Collider) project and its related physics, and share the latest research findings with discussion.

2) E [Condensed Matter Physics] Upgrade of Advanced Photon Source and Studies of Extreme Materials

   Time: October 26 (Thursday) 14:00 - 17:48 / Room: 700B  


  [Organizers] Jong Mok OK (Pusan National University), Youngwook Kim (DGIST), Jaeyong KIM (Hanyang Univ.)

  [Invited Speakers]

  • PRAKAPENKA Vitali B. (University of Chicago, USA): “Breakthroughs in material synthesis and characterization at extreme conditions”
  • KIM Jae Yong (Hanyang University): “Current studies on the discovery of low-pressure-based superconductors”
  • WANG Yanbin (Advanced Photon Source, USA): “The Wondrous World of Carbon Under High Pressurel”
  • YU Tony (Advanced Photon Source, USA): “Large-Volume High-Pressure Research at GSECARS, Advanced Photon Source”
  • RYU Young-Jay ( The University of Chicago, USA): “Compositional Dependence of Silicate Melts: Towards Understanding the Amorphous Structural Modification in Extreme Conditions”
  • LEE Sung Keun (Seoul National University): “Glasses and Diamond above Multi-Megabar Pressures”


Understanding of the ongoing upgrade status/plan, to be conducted from July 2023 to April 2024, of the Advanced Photon Source to study extreme material properties, and explore the use of the upgraded beamlines.