Focus Sessions

2024 KPS Spring Meeting   April 23-26, 2024   Daejeon Convention Center

Focus sessions are comprised of several invited talks on emerging or hot issues of physics sub-fields. Session titles and organizers of focus sessions for upcoming meeting are as follows. E (K) represents an ‘English session’(‘Korean session’) where all authors present in English(Korean).


E [Particles and Fields, Condensed Matter Physics] New Aspects of Symmetry - SONG Jaewon (KAIST), LEE Sungjay (KIAS)

E [Nuclear Physics] Early-Stage Research at RAON - CHAE Kyungyuk (Sungkyunkwan Univ.), AHN Sunghoon(IBS/CENS), MOON Jun Young(IBS/IRIS)

[Condensed Matter Physics] Unconventional Physical Phenomena in Symmetry-engineered Functional Oxides - JEEN Hyoungjeen (Pusan National Univ.), KIM Tae Heon (Univ. of Ulsan), OH Yoon Seok (UNIST)

[Condensed Matter Physics] Hybrid Quantum Systems - MYOUNG Nojoon (Chosun Univ.)

[Condensed Matter Physics] 2D Systems: Insights from Theory and Computation - JUNG Jeil (Univ. of Seoul), KIM Bongjae (Kyungpook National Univ.)

[Condensed Matter Physics] Exploring Exotic Phases of Quantum Materials - SONG Changyong (POSTECH/MPK), PARK Jae Hoon (POSTECH/MPK)

[Condensed Matter Physics] Research on High-Tc Superconductivity Related Systems - PARK Seung Ryong (Incheon National Univ.), LEE Kwan-Woo (Korea Univ., Sejong)

[Applied Physics] 2-dimensional Van der Waals Ferroelectrics - YOO Hyobin (Sogang Univ.), YANG Sang Mo (Sogang Univ.)

[Applied Physics] Light-Matter Interaction in Emerging 2D Materials - JANG Joonik (Sogang Univ.), KIM Jiwan (Kunsan National Univ.)

[Applied Physics] Oxides for Future Device Applications - LEE Hyungwoo (Ajou Univ.), SOHN Changhee (UNIST)

[Applied Physics, Biological Physics] Development and Applications of Biosensor Technology - LEE Wonhee (KAIST), JANG Mooseok (KAIST), LEE Kijoon (DGIST)

[Applied Physics] Quantum Nanodevices and Quantum Applied Technologies - KIM Young Duck (Kyung Hee Univ.), JO Myunglae (KRISS)

[Applied Physics] Recent Advances in Magnetic Imaging - JE Soong-Geun (Chonnam National Univ.), KIM Kyoung-Whan (Yonsei Univ.)

[Applied Physics] Computational Physics – Application of Machine Learning and Quantum Computing - RHIM Sonny H. (Univ. of Ulsan), LEE Junhee (UNIST), BANG Junhyeok (Chungbuk National Univ.)

[Applied Physics] Recent Research on Physical Properties of Halide Perovskites and Their Applications - KIM Gee Yeong (KIST)

[Physics Teaching] The SPACE LAB Starbridge Center Project and the Expansion of Physics Education - YOON Hye-Gyoung (Chuncheon National Univ. of Education), CHOI Jaehyeok (Chonnam National Univ.), PARK Jeongwoo (Jeju National Univ.)

[Physics Teaching] The SPACE LAB Starbridge Center Project and the Expansion of Physics Education - YOON Hye-Gyoung (Chuncheon National Univ. of Education), CHOI Jaehyeok (Chonnam National Univ.), PARK Jeongwoo (Jeju National Univ.)

[Plasma Physics] Toward Next-generation Accelerator V : Trends of R&Ds in Accelerators and Issues toward Scientific Leap - PARK Seong Hee (Korea Univ.), CHUNG Moses (UNIST)

[Plasma Physics] Advanced Beam Physics - JEON Dong-O (IBS), CHUNG Moses (UNIST)

[Optics and Quantum Electronics] Inverse Design in Nanophotonics - SHIN Jonghwa (KAIST)

[Optics and Quantum Electronics] Multidimensional oxide photonics - PARK Hyeong-Ryeol (UNIST)

[Optics and Quantum Electronics] New Frontiers of Light-matter Interaction in Non-Hermitian and Non-equilibrium Photonics - MIN Bumki (KAIST), LEE Seungwoo (Korea Univ.)

E [Atomic and Molecular Physics] Quantum Memory and Quantum Network - MOON Han Seb(Pusan National Univ.), CHAE Eunmi (Korea Univ.), LEE Sun Kyung (KRISS)

[Semiconductor Physics] Properties and Applied Devices of Perovskite Materials - CHOI Jin Woo (Kongju National Univ.)

[Semiconductor Physics, Applied Physics] Semiconductor Materials for Optical Devices - JANG Jae-Won (Dongguk Univ.)

[Semiconductor Physics] Functionalization of 2D Nanomaterials and Their Sensor Device Application - KIM Tae-Wook (Jeonbuk National Univ.)

[Semiconductor Physics] Recent Semiconductor Technologies and Devices in Industry - PARK Yeonsang (Chungnam National Univ.), KIM Un-Jeong (SAIT)

[Semiconductor Physics] MOCVD-based 2D Material Synthesis and Application - KIM Soo Min (Sookmyung Women’s Univ.)

[Semiconductor Physics] AI Semiconductor Materials and Devices - KWAK Joon Young (Ewha Womans Univ.)

[Semiconductor Physics] Advanced Sensors: from Wearables to Robotics - OH Hongseok (Soongsil Univ.)

[Astrophysics] New Perspectives of Quantum Cosmology - YEOM Dong-han (Pusan National Univ.)

[Biological Physics] Frontiers in Biophysics - HONG Seok-Cheol (Korea Univ.), SHON Min Ju (POSTECH), KIM Byoung Choul (Incheon National Univ.)

[Biological Physics] Physics of Brain Structure and Function - CHOI Jee Hyun (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)

[Quantum Technology Special Sessions, Optics & Quantum Electronics, Atomic & Molecular Physics, Applied Physics] Innovating Quantum Communications - SHIN Heedeuk (POSTECH), CHOI Changsoon (KIST)

[Quantum Technology Special Sessions, Nuclear Physics, Atomic & Molecular Physics] Application of Quantum Algorithm for Physics - KIM Kyungil (IBS), LEE Seung-Woo(KIST)