Bilateral Exchange Sessions

2024 KPS Spring Meeting   April 23-26, 2024   Daejeon Convention Center

"Bilateral Exchange Sessions" aim to share research results and promote international cooperation through exchanges between two countries (Korea and one other country). Session titles and organizers of bilateral exchange sessions for upcoming meeting are as follows. E represents an ‘English session’ where all authors present in English.

1) E [Applied Physics] The 8th Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Organic Electronics: Recent Advances on Organic Semiconductor Materials and Devices

   Time/Venue: April 24 (Wednesday) 14:00 - 17:36 / DCC1 Rm.104  


  [Organizers] LEE Takhee (Seoul National Univ.), LIM Eunju (Dankook Univ.), SEO Jeong Hwa (University of Seoul), YI Yeonjin (Yonsei Univ.), LEE Tae-Woo (Seoul National Univ.), KANG Seong Jun (Kyung Hee Univ.), LEE Hyunbok (Kangwon Univ.), PARK Soohyung (KIST)

  [Invited Speakers]

Session Code: B4-ap, Time: April 24 (Wednesday) 14:00 - 15:36

  • MANAKA Takaaki (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan): “Optical operand measurements for studying the organic semiconductor devices”
  • PARK Soohyung (Advanced Analysis Center, KIST): “Controlling the electronic structure of Quasi-two-dimensional halide perovskite”
  • WATANABE Kazuyoshi (Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan): “Metal-Free Complementary Circuits Composed of Carbon-Based Transistors”
  • CHUNG Seungjun (School of Electrical Engineering, Korea University): “Selective doping strategies through inkjet printing in large-area monolayer MoS2

Session Code: C4-ap, Time: April 24 (Wednesday) 16:00 - 17:36

  • WON Kanghee (Department of Information Display, Kyung Hee University): “Development of Beam Deflector using Liquid Crystals for Active Optical Systems”
  • IINO Hiroaki (Imaging Science and Engineering Research Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan): “Fabrication of polycrystalline thin films with liquid crystalline organic semiconductor and their electronic devices”
  • RYU Seung Yoon (Division of Physics and Semiconductor Science, Dongguk University): “Empowering the efficiency of Top-Emission Organic Light-Emitting Devices using Ampicillin Microstructures”
  • FUKAGAWA Hirohiko (Center for Frontier Science, Chiba University, Japan): “Tuning the energy levels at the interfaces for low-voltage operation of organic light-emitting diodes”


Organic semiconductors, which have various characteristics, are applied to various organic electronic devices such as organic light-emitting diodes, organic solar cells, organic field effect transistors, and organic memories due to their performance material properties. Understanding of details of the driving mechanism, especially the fundamental physical phenomena related to organic semiconducting thin films and interfaces of the organic devices are critically important to improve the performance of organic electronic devices. In this 8th Korea-Japan joint symposium, leading scientists from Korea and Japan on organic electronics field will introduce their recent research results regarding fundamental studies on surface physics of organic thin films and interface physics of organic devices and various device applications. Researchers and students will learn the recent research advances on organic electronics from the presentations provided in this symposium.