Focus Sessions

2024 KPS Spring Meeting   April 23-26, 2024   Daejeon Convention Center

Focus sessions are comprised of several invited talks on emerging or hot issues of physics sub-fields. Session titles and organizers of focus sessions for upcoming meeting are as follows. E (K) represents an ‘English session’(‘Korean session’) where all authors present in English(Korean).


[Particles and Fields] History and future of Korean Underground Physics Experiments - LEE Hyun Su (Institute for Basic Science), LEE MyungJae (Sungkyunkwan University), SO Jung Ho (Institute for Basic Science)

[Condensed Matter Physics] Current Progress of Altermagnetism - KIM Jaehoon (Yonsei Univ.), KIM Changyoung (Seoul National Univ.), RHIM Sonny H (Univ. of Ulsan)

[Condensed Matter Physics] Superconducting Quantum Devices - DOH Yong-Joo(GIST), LEE Gil-Ho(POSTECH)

[Condensed Matter Physics] Topological Phenomena in Mesoscopic Physics - MYOUNG Nojoon (Chosun Univ.). PARK Hee Chul (Pukyong Natl. Univ.)

[Condensed Matter Physics] Exploring Exotic Phases of Quantum Materials - SONG Changyong (POSTECH/MPK), PARK Jaehoon (POSTECH/MPK)

[Condensed Matter Physics] Recent Trend in Physics of Low-dimensional Oxides - JEEN Hyoungjeen (Pusan National University), LEE Jaekwang (Pusan National University)

[Condensed Matter Physics] Physics of Kagome Lattices and Flat Bands - JUNG Jeil (University of Seoul), KIM Bongjae (Gunsan University), MIN Hongki (Seoul National University)

[Applied Physics] Light-Matter Interaction in Low Dimensional Materials - KIM Ji Wan (Kunsan Nat. Univ.), JANG Joon Ik (Sogang Univ.)

[Applied Physics] Insulating Phases of Correlated Electron - SEO Jungpil (DGIST), KIM Yeong Kwan (KAIST), AHN Joung Real (SKKU)

[Applied Physics] Status and Prospective of van der Waals Materials Research - KIM Kwanpyo (Yonsei Univ.), LEE Chul-Ho (Seoul Natl. Univ.), LEE Jae-Ung (Ajou Univ.)

[Applied Physics] Recent Advances in Organic and Perovskite Electronics - SEO Jung Hwa (Univ. of Seoul), LEE Takhee (Seoul National Univ.), LEE Tae Woo (Seoul National Univ.), KANG Seung Jun (Kyung Hee Univ), YI Yeonjin (Younsei Univ.), LEE Hyun Bok (Kangwon Nat. Univ.), LIM Eunju (Dankook Univ.), PARK Su Hyung (KIST)

[Applied Physics] Functional Oxide Materials for Advanced Applications - LEE Hyungwoo (Ajou Univ.), SOHN Changhee (UNIST)

[Applied Physics] Magnon Spintronics - KIM Kyoung-Whan (KIST), JE Soong-Geun (Chonnam Nat’l Univ.)

[Applied Physics] Computational Physics – from DFT to Machine Learning - RHIM S. H. Sonny (Univ. of Ulsan), LEE Jun Hee (UNIST), BANG Junhyeok (Chungbuk Nat’l Univ.)

[Physics Teaching] Einstein-First Project in Australia - "YOON Hye-Gyoung (Chuncheon National University of Education), CHOI Jaehyeok (Chonnam National Univ.), PARK Jeongwoo (Jeju National Univ.)"

[Physics Teaching] Discussion on the Improvement of ‘Physics Education’ Course - "YOON Hye-Gyoung (Chuncheon National University of Education), CHOI Jaehyeok (Chonnam National Univ.), PARK Jeongwoo (Jeju National Univ.)"

[Plasma Physics] Recent University Fusion Research Activities - GHIM Young-chul (KAIST)

[Plasma Physics] Toward Next-generation Accelerator IV : Trends of R&Ds in Accelerators and Issues toward Scientific Leap - PARK Seong Hee (Korea Univ.), CHUNG Moses (UNIST)

[Plasma Physics] Young Plasma Scientists and New Faculty Session - LEE Hae June(Pusan National Univ.), GHIM Young-Chul(KAIST)

[Atomic and Molecular Physics] Quantum Computing - MOON Han Seb(PNU), CHAE Eunmi (Korea Univ.), LEE Sun Kyung (KRISS)

[Atomic and Molecular Physics] Neutral Atoms Trapped with Optical Tweezers - AHN Jaewook (KAIST), MOON Jongchul (KRISS)

[Semiconductor Physics] Advanced Analytical Techniques for Emerging Materials and Devices - KIM Seong Heon (Jeonbuk Nat’l Univ.)

[Semiconductor Physics] Terahertz Near-field Spectroscopy - KIM Teun-Teun (Univ. of Ulsan)

[Semiconductor Physics] Recent Semiconductor Technologies and Devices in Industry - PARK Yeonsang (Chungnam National Univ.), KIM Un-Jeong (SAIT)

[Semiconductor Physics] Emerging Materials and Device Applications - PARK Hyesung (UNIST), KIM Jungkil (Jeju National Univ.)

[Semiconductor Physics] Low Dimensional Quantum Materials - Heejun Yang (KAIST)

[Semiconductor Physics] Functionalization of Intelligent Low Dimensional Semiconductor and Its Applications - SOHN Junginn(Dongguk Univ.), LIM Jongchul(Chungnam National Univ.), CHA SeungNam(Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

[Semiconductor Physics] Advanced Energy Materials and Optoelectronic Applications - LIM Jongchul(Chungnam National Univ.), SOHN Junginn(Dongguk Univ.), CHA SeungNam(Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

[Biological Physics] Biophysical Perspectives in Chromatin Dynamics - KIM Yoori (DGIST)

[Biological Physics] Bio-Inspired Physics - LEE Keel Yong (Sejong Univ.), SONG Taegeun(Kongju National Univ.)