2024 KPS Spring Meeting   April 23-26, 2024   Daejeon Convention Center

2023 KPS Fall Meeting


Deadline for abstract submission: August 21, 6pm >> August 25, 6pm  


Online pre-registration: July 21 - October 17, 5 pm


The Korean Physical Society will be hosting the biannual 2023 KPS Meeting in October 24 - 27. The meeting will be held mostly off-line and partially hybrid for some international oral sessions in CECO, Changwon. Invited as well as contributed oral presentations along with poster presentations will be given for all the topics in physics.


Official documents for 2023 KPS Fall Meeting can be downloaded in the following links.

  • 2023 KPS Fall Meeting

  • 2023 KPS Fall General Assembly

  • 2023 KPS Fall Fellow Meeting