Presentation Guideline

2024 KPS Spring Meeting   April 23-26, 2024   Daejeon Convention Center

Official Languages

•  Presentations are expected to be either in Korean or in English.

•  Sessions may be designated as English only or as Korean only, as indicated by E or by K respectively in the session title.

•  Please inquire the relevant divisions or session organizers for further detail.


Oral Presentations

•  Oral presentations, in general, will be conducted in real time in the designated meeting rooms and a few invited sessions such as pioneer symposia will be proceeded in hybrid sessions allowing online presentations via Zoom.

•  A laptop computer installed with MS PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader is provided in each session room and all presentation files should be uploaded during the break between the sessions. Therefore, the speakers should bring their PowerPoint or pdf presentation files on USB flash drives.

•  Presentation using personal laptop or other device is not allowed.

•  The aspect ratios of 4:3 or 16:9 are recommended for your presentation files.

•  Please adhere to the time limit for your presentation, which includes setup, presentation, and Q&A: 12 minutes for a contributed talk and 24 (or 36, 48) minutes for an invited talk.


Poster Presentations

•  The recommended size of a poster is 100cm (width) x 100cm (height) [Maximum: 120cm x 180cm]

•  Place: Exhibition Hall I (3F, Changwon Exhibition Convention Center)

•  Schedule


Session P1

Session P2


October 25 (Wed), 11:00-12:00

October 26 (Thu), 8:00-9:00

Author Presentation


October 25 (Wed), 18:00-19:30

October 26 (Thu), 11:30-13:00

Attendee Viewing

(Registered Attendees and Judges)

October 25 (Wed), 12:00-19:30 October 26 (Thu), 9:00-17:00


October 25 (Wed), 19:30-20:00 October 26 (Thu), 17:00-18:00

(i) Poster presenters are recommended to post the presentation materials on the poster board in Exhibition Hall I (3F) during post time.  

(ii) If you are a poster presenter, you must make a presentation and answer the questions from other participants or judges during 'Author Presentation' time. For those who don't make a presentation during the time, their names and affiliations will be put on the no-show list.


Best Presentation Awards

•  The Best Presentation Awards recognize outstanding presentations made by student members and are awarded by the KPS in order to encourage students to carry out excellent research.

•  The Best Poster Presentation Awardee will be selected based on scientific significance and excellence of presentation and answers.

•  Every awardee will be posted in the KPS homepage for recognition just after the Conference and a certificate PDF file will be sent to the presenter and the corresponding author via email.


No-Show Policy

•  Oral Presentation: Absence of the presenter without notification 2 hours before presentation time (contact info:, 02-556-4737(ext. 3)) will be taken as “No-Show” by the Session Chair or Judges.

•  Poster Presentation: 'No-Show' posters will be identified by KPS staff during the ‘Author Presentations’ time. In other to avoid the no-show, the presenter should cancel the presentation (contact info:, 02-556-4737(ext. 3)) 6 hours before 'Author presentations' time.

•  In case of No-Show, the corresponding abstract will be eliminated from the program list. Presenters who No-Show may see limitations to present at the KPS meetings in the future.